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The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association® (CVMA®) began as an idea in early 2001.  45 Veterans who shared combat experience and enjoyed riding motorcycles decided to form an organization devoted to helping veterans.  The CVMA® first appeared officially as a non-profit organization around 1 May 2001.  We continue to focus on our primary mission of Helping Veterans while we continue to source membership from combat veterans who ride motorcycles.


Arizona’s first CVMA® Chapter took root in 2006 with a few veterans residing in the Phoenix area.  Jeff Moore was elected as the first Arizona State Representative for CVMA® and Arizona became the 32nd state recognized to stand up a chapter by the National CVMA® Board.


  • CVMA® Chapter 32-1 was established on 26 March 2008.  Chapter 32-1  encompasses members in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.


  • CVMA® Chapter 32-2 was established on 24 July 2011.  Chapter 32-2 encompasses members in Tucson and Marana areas.


  • CVMA® Chapter 32-3 was established on 21 February 2012.  Chapter 32-3 encompasses members from Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Flagstaff, north of Black Canyon City, and all of Northern AZ. 


  • CVMA® Chapter 32-4 was established on 9 September 2012.  Chapter 32-4 encompasses members from Sierra Vista, Tombstone, Bisbee, and Willcox areas.

  • CVMA® Chapter 32-5 was established on 23 May 2016. Chapter 32-5 encompasses members from Buckeye, AZ.

  • CVMA® Chapter 32-6 was established on 3 May 2017.  Chapter 32-6 encompasses members from the Casa Grande area.

  • CVMA® Chapter 32-7 was established on 11 July 2017.  Chapter 32-7 encompasses members from Bullhead City and Kingman, AZ.

  • CVMA® Chapter 32-8 was established on 7 August 2017.  32-8 encompasses members in the Apache Junction and Gold Canyon area.

  • CVMA® Chapter 32-9 was established on 7 July 2019.  Chapter 32-9 encompasses members in the Yuma area.

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